Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Do you ever wonder why police drive great big cars with V-8 engines? Could it be that driving a standard police cruiser like the ever popular Ford Crown Victoria is somehow needed so as to protect us all and make us feel more secure? After all, that seems to be the big thing now days is "safety" isn't it?

Perhaps a big gasoline guzzling vehicle is needed because room is needed to accommodate hauling a person to jail in the back seat, but then again, since when was the comfort of a prisoner much an issue considering?

Perhaps a big car like the Crown Victoria is needed to chase down people who flee from the police but then again, this isn't 50 years ago when police never even had a mobile radio or any other modern technology available to them as we have today.

Perhaps the real reason a cop drives a big car, or a public official gets hauled around free of charge in a big limo or big black SUV is nothing more than a male vanity "thingy". The BIGGER the BETTER.

Well, I myself do not enjoy paying over $2.50 for gas at the pumps while trying at the same time to conserve that precious gold, opps, I mean gasoline, while most all government agency's cruise around in vehicles a step down from a Lincoln Continental at my expense. I figure a police officer can perform every single duty he is empowered to perform and do so driving a smaller fuel efficient vehicle. To somehow equate a bigger, more expensive to operate vehicle with the famous "safety frenzy" is like thinking that giving the mailman an air conditioned Cadillac would somehow improve mail delivery. Think again.

Just close your eyes for a second and think just which of the "who" or "what" government agency's in the United States issue big Ford Crown Victoria's or SUV's? Yep, you guess it. Public Officials and the Public Servants serving within some sort of law enforcement agency, be it state or federal.

So the next time you are putting gas in your vehicle and you see a police officer drive by, or the mayor, governor or whoever drive by in their government issued gas guzzle powered by YOUR tax dollar gasoline, just keep singing "We the People" while pumping gold into the tank of your '79 Ford Pinto. Get used to it...

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